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Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot License allows you to work as a professional pilot anywhere in the world. Pilots will continue to enhance their skills by completing their Commercial Pilot License. For some this is an opportunity to become more proficient as a pilot and not only as a career.

Instrument Ratings

After completing your Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License and 50hrs of PIC time, obtaining an instrument rating will qualify you to fly without visual reference to ground on days where there may be low cloud and visibility.

Night VFR Rating

A Night Visual Flight Rules rating (NVFR) enables the holder to fly an airplane into the evening anywhere in Australia. This will broaden your privileges capability to exercise flight plans.

Private Instrument Rating (PIFR)

The Private Instrument Rating also known as the PIFR is an excellent next step for you as a Private Pilot Licence holder, this Rating will allow you to fly in non-VMC conditions at both day and night.

Multi Engine Class Rating

Are you looking to fly a twin engine aircraft? Look no further, a Multi Engine Class Rating will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to operate a multi engine aircraft.

Instructor Ratings

Sydney's best instructor rating courses, if you are looking to get started as an instructor or upgrade your class of instructor rating look no further. Small class sizes, cost and time efficient. We offer all classes of CASA and RAAus instructor ratings in Australia

Instructor Training Endorsements

Already hold a Instructor Rating? You can expand your skill set and employability options with Sydney Flying Academy's large range of training endorsement. Highly qualified flight instructors will guide you through each course to give you the confidence to instruct with your new instructor training endorsement

Piper Arrow Design Feature Upgrade

Do you already hold a Recreational Pilot Certificate or Recreational Pilot Licence, but looking to gain further skills and experience in a General Aviation aircraft at a busy Class D airport in Sydney while adding retractable undercarriage and MPPC design features to your Licence?