9th Dec 2019

What's Inside the Rotax 912ULS and 912iS Engine

There are plenty of engines that you can find within your common commercial and private aircraft. If you look inside our Sling 2 LSA at our flight school Sydney you will find the Rotax 912ULS engine and inside our Foxbat A22LS you will find a more modern and fuel injected Rotax 912iS. There are many benefits of this engine within your private aircraft one being fuel economy. Below we will outline some basics you will need to know about your aircraft and how it compares to some other aircraft engines on the market like the more traditional Lycoming or Continental Aircraft Engines.

2nd Dec 2019

Sling 2 LSA Aircraft

Looking into the aircraft that we have here at our Sydney aviation school, the Sling 2 LSA is up there with the best. There are several reasons why this plane is popular with newbies and more experienced pilots alike. But do you know the history of this iconic aircraft and why it has become such a raging success? There is a unique story behind it and the design that we all know and love in this superior flying machine...