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Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

A Commercial Pilot License allows you to work as a professional pilot anywhere in the world. Pilots will continue to enhance their skills by completing their Commercial Pilot License. For some this is an opportunity to become more proficient as a pilot and not only as a career. The private pilot holder will have the theoretical and practical knowledge to fly in a private setting. The Commercial Pilot License will center around the improvement of existing abilities to fulfill the requirements found in the real-world charter or airline environment. In preparation for your CPL, the training will include real world scenarios of commercial operations. Whether you are looking to complete this CPL course in Sydney full-time or casually, we can tailor this course to suit your schedule. Contact us today!

Prerequisites: minimum of PPL

Package Total: $51,999


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the CASA Commercial Pilot License, the holder will have the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to be provided with a commercial flight route and efficiently plan and navigate taking into consideration weather, fuel, and payloads. The course is structured to ready you for the “real world” of aviation in Australia.

Choose from:

Full Time - 6 months     |     Part Time - 12 months


Your Syllabus of Flight Training will include:

  • 50hrs of Flight Training Dual
  • 10hrs Simulator Dual
  • 1hr Night Solo
  • 89hrs Solo

Your Syllabus of Theory will cover:

  • 15hrs of Flight Training Theory
  • 7x CASA CPL Exams and IREX Exam

What's Included


IREX and CPL Textbooks


Flight Test

35x Hours Dual

90x Hours Solo


If you require accomodation we can make arrangements on your behalf. Contact us for more information.
*Note: Accomodation costs are not included.

Payment Plans     

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) AUD $51,999

Full Time
AUD $2003.97 per week
for 6 months

Part Time
AUD $1003.99 per week
for 12 months


Upfront payment of AUD $7,299

Then pay as you fly private hire AUD $259/hr Foxbat and AUD $449/hr Dual Piper Arrow


Ancillary Fees (approx.)

IREX Exam AUD $180.15
ASPEQ CPL Exams AUD $160 each
Headset Hire AUD $20.00


Landing Fees AUD $35.00
Maps, ERSA, software AUD $150.00
Additional flying hours as required (comptency based)