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Multi Engine Class Rating

Are you looking to fly a twin engine aircraft? Look no further, a Multi Engine Class Rating will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to operate a multi engine aircraft. You will need to hold a PPL or CPL to start this course. Your course of study will include normal and abnormal operations during day VMC and as a pilot of a multi engine aircraft you will enjoy the benefits of being able to fly faster, higher and more safely than ever before while flying on 2 engines.

Prerequisites: minimum of PPL


Total: AUD $5,319


Learning Outcomes

On completion of your Multi Engine Class rating, you will be authorised to fly as pilot in command of a multi engine aircraft. This will give you a greater  range of aircraft to choose from when flying and provides the additional benefit of a second engine.

Choose from:

Full Time - 1 week     |     Part Time - 2 weeks


Your Syllabus of Flight Training will include:

  • 7hrs of Flight Training Dual

Your Syllabus of Theory will cover:

  • 7hrs of Flight Training Theory

What's Included

7x Hours Theory


7x Hours Dual

1.5 Hour Test


If you require accomodation we can make arrangements on your behalf. Contact us for more information.
*Note: Accomodation costs are not included.

Payment Plans     

Multi Engine Class Rating AUD $5,319

Full Time
AUD $5,319 per week
for 1 week

Part Time
AUD $2,659.50 per week
for 2 weeks

Upfront payment of AUD $915

Then pay as you fly AUD $629/hr Duchess BE76


Ancillary Fees (approx.)

Flight Test
Headset Hire AUD $20.00
Landing Fees AUD $40.00


Maps, ERSA, software AUD $150.00
Additional flying hours as required (comptency based)