14 Mar 2019

Flight training in Sydney with Sydney Flying Academy

It will be a day that you will never forget. It will be something that stays with you for life and that you can never return. We’re talking about the first time you fly a plane.


There will be no distraction, just you and the instructor. It sounds like a dream, but it’s easier than you think to become a reality.


Sydney Flying Academy is a leading recreational pilot training school that offers flight experiences, training and lessons that allows you to gain your recreational pilot’s license.


The first time you get in the plane, I guarantee that all you will hear is the instructors voice through your headset and the noise of the engine. You’ll be so focused and excited, nothing else will mater.


As we head to the runway, the butterflies will start, that’s very normal – just wait until you’re about to take off!


As we taxi to the runway, the heartbeat moves a little faster. Then when the instructor asks you to push the throttle, it’s an amazing feeling, empowering you, giving you that extra moment of realisation that getting your recreational pilots license is easier than you realised.


As you take off, it’s just you and the instructor, horizon ahead, ground below, the sling 2 doing its thing and you in control.


So if you’re ready to start your flying lessons in Sydney, and have a flight experience first-hand, get in touch with us today.