08 Mar 2019

Get your flight training started in Sydney with a First Solo Package

As Sydney Flying Academy, our experience tells us that the first time you take off for your first solo flight is an experience that you’ll never forget! Getting started with a “First Solo Package” is the best way to make this dream a reality.


As a Sydney flying school, and as experts in providing flying lessons in Sydney, we provide you the right training to make sure you’re ready to take to the skies.


On successful completion of your First Solo Training Course, you will have completed your first solo flight. This means that you will have all the required skills to take-off, fly the aircraft and then land the aircraft.


Our Syllabus of Flight Training for your First Solo package will include Effects of Control, Straight and Level, Climbing and Descending, Turning, Climbing and Descending Turns, Stalls and Advanced Stalls, Circuits Introduction, Circuits Normal Circuits with Procedures, Circuits Flapless & Normal, Circuits Emergency Procedures, Circuits Consolidation and Circuits First Solo.


Your Syllabus of Theory will cover, 14x eLearning Flying Modules with quiz for each flight, 2x eLearning Theory Modules – one being the Pre-Solo Theory and the other the Flight Radio Operator Licence (FROL) Theory.


As part of the course, you will have 14x eLearning Modules of Flight Training, 15 Hours flight Training and Supervised Solo, 2x eLearning Theory Modules, Rotax Familiarisation Course, Dyson Holland RPC Book, Pre-Solo Theory Exam, Flight Radio Operators Licence Exam and be provided with a Pilot Logbook.


By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to hit the skies on your own, completing your very first solo flight! To find out more on how you can get started, call us today.