05 Feb 2019

Your pilot training school in Sydney talks about the history of Bankstown Airport

When you start the process of getting your Recreational Pilot’s License, you will become quite familiar with Bankstown Airport and its runways, as you pilot training school in Sydney we want you to know about the vast history that Bankstown Airport has.

Bankstown Airport was first planned to be built in 1929, yet it was put on hold until 1940 where the project had to be fast tracked during World War 2, to provide support for the Australian, American and British Air Forces.

During the war, the United States Army Air Force set-up it’s base here due the strategic advantage it provided from 1942 – 1944. In 1945 the British Fleet Air Arm took over the operations to command their fleets and it was then handed back to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1946.

Did you know that some of the hangars that our light aircraft used for flying lessons in Sydney are housed in the same ones from the second World War? Bankstown Airport was also designed and made to look like farm houses and a village to avoid any enemy intelligence from finding out about it.

If you want to know more about these historical hangars, then sure to come on down to our Bankstown Flying School for a visit and we can show you around!

Don’t forget that you can always get in contact with our pilot training school in Sydney an enquiry if you have any questions.