28th Feb 2019

Sydney flight training school offer at the Avalon Air Show

Get blown away as jet fighters, strike bombers and heavy lift leviathans are joined by swarms of attack helicopters, for a range of fantastic manoeuvres and war games at the Avalon Air Show.

21st Feb 2019

Sydney’s leading recreational pilot training school

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, adding it to your bucket list or have it as a pathway for a career in aviation, then the RPC is the perfect course.

14th Feb 2019

Get your pilot lessons started in Sydney with our great offer at the Avalon Airshow

Come see us at the Australia International Airshow at Avalon Airport in Melbourne to receive a great offer on your flying lessons!

5th Feb 2019

Your pilot training school in Sydney talks about the history of Bankstown Airport

When you start the process of getting your Recreational Pilot’s License, you will become quite familiar with Bankstown...