04 Apr 2019

Become a pilot with your favourite flight training school in Sydney

Learning to fly a plane is an experience that has no parallel, and with so many people endeavouring to fly a plane one day, it’s imperative that they choose the best flight training school that suits them and their personality. It’s also important that people choose the right pathway to ultimately fly a plane solo.


With Sydney Flying Academy, Sydney’s best flight training school, we provide a number of pathways for recreational flyers and students to begin their flying experience. One way to get started is through a trial flight. A trial flight, either 30 minutes or 1 hour, enables a potential student to feel what it’s like to be up in the cockpit and in charge of a plane.


Another option is via the our Starter Package. This is when things get a little more serious. As part of our Starter Package with Sydney’s best flight training school, you will learn the basic skills of flying, including how a plane flies and the important actions required to manoeuvre an aircraft. All flights are accredited by RAAus and will be the first three hours in your pilot logbook!


Another option with Sydney’s leading flight training school is the First Solo Package. This is for those that are really looking to get up in the air and be in control of a plane as quick as possible.


As part of this package you will work through 14 eLearning Modules of Flight Training, 15 hours of flight training and supervised solo, 2 eLearning Theory Modules, a Rotax Familiarisation Course, Pre-Solo Theory Exam and the Flight Radio Operators Licence Exam. We will also provide you with a Dyson Holland RPC Book and your very own Pilot Logbook!


As you can see, getting up in the skies and being able to fly a plane on your own is easier than what you thought. To get stated on your flying journey with Sydney’s best flight training school, speak with one of our instructors today.