Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is your second pilot licence. Having obtained your Recreational Pilot Certificate with Cross Country Endorsement, the next stage in your flight training process is learning how to fly larger, more complex aircraft. On the way to obtaining your Private Pilot Licence (PPL), you will complete 2 hours instrument flying and your PPL theory exam whilst improving on the fundamental flying skill-set you developed during the RPC with Cross Country Endorsement course.


Total (incl. GST): AUD $3,999


Learning Outcomes

Once you have obtained your Private Pilot Licence (PPL), you will be licensed to fly as Pilot in Command and conduct navigational flights throughout Australia in a VH- registered aircraft, carrying up to a maximum of 5 passengers. With a PPL, you also have more freedom to add on ratings and endorsements, Private Instrument Rating (IR), Multi Engine (ME) and Night VFR to name a few. Contact us today to find out more.


Your Syllabus of Flight Training will include:

  • Aircraft Familiarisation
  • Instrument Flying
  • Controlled Airspace Familiarisation
  • Pre Licence Check
  • PPL Flight Test

Your Syllabus of Theory will cover

  • PPL Theory Test readiness material

What's Included

5x hours Dual Flight Training

Bob Tait PPL Theory Textbook

PPL Theory Exam

PPL Flight Test (excludes test fee)


If you require accomodation we can make arrangements on your behalf. Contact us for more information.
*Note: Accomodation costs are not included.

Payment Plans     

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) AUD $3,999

Ancillary Fees (approx.)

ASIC Card AUD $256.50
Maps, ERSA, software AUD $150.00



Medical (Class 2 Medical) AUD $250.00
English Language Assessment AUD $220.00
Additional Flying hours as required (competency based)