Cross Country Endorsement

The Cross Country Endorsement is where your fun in aviation truly begins! This aviation course in Sydney will teach you how to navigate the old school way, as well as with modern day GPS. If you are ready to get beyond the 25 nautical miles that your Recreational Pilot’s Certificate allows you, strap in and get ready to explore the skies!


Total (incl. GST): AUD $8,499


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of your Cross Country Endorsement in the Sling 2 LSA, this pilot course in Sydney will enable you to fly as pilot in command of an RAAus Registered Aircraft anywhere in Australia, other than restricted or controlled airspace. Enjoy the full benefits of flying a plane, whether you are planning a holiday with family or heading off for a day trip into the countryside, this aviation course in Sydney will take you even further!

Choose from:

Full Time - 3 weeks     |     Part Time - 6 weeks



Your Syllabus of Flight Training will include:

  • Navigation Familiarisation
  • Navigation Flight 2
  • Navigation Flight 3
  • Navigation Flight 4
  • First Cross-Country Solo
  • Pre-Licence Check
  • Flight Test

Your Syllabus of Theory will cover

  • 4x Navigation briefings:
    • Practical Navigation and Familiarisation
    • Pre-Flight Planning (Before day of flight)
    • Pre-Flight Planning (On day of flight)
    • In Flight Procedures

What's Included

5x eLearning Modules of Flight Training
12x Hours Flight Training plus 2 x hrs Supervised Solo
4x eLearning Theory Modules
Navigation and Meteorology Exam


Dyson Holland Cross Country Book
Navigation Equipment
Navigation Flight Test (includes test fee)



If you require accomodation we can make arrangements on your behalf. Contact us for more information.
*Note: Accomodation costs are not included.

Payment Plans     Click to see more detail 

Free inclusions with upfront payment*

1x SFA Completion Certificate Free (normally AUD $25)
1x SFA Gold Wings Free (normally AUD $30)


Total free inclusion value for upfront payment: AUD $55    

Full Time
AUD $2,833 per week
for 3 weeks

Part Time
AUD $1,416.50 per week
for 6 weeks

Upfront payment of theory, textbooks, materials, exam and testing fees AUD $2,964

Then pay as you fly at a rate of AUD $369/hr for the Sling 2 LSA for this aviation course in Sydney.

Ancillary Fees (approx.)

RAAUS membership (12 months) AUD $273.50



Maps, ERSA, software AUD $150.00
Additional Flying hours as required (competency based)  


Sling 2 and Foxbat available for Private Hire

Feel the freedom that comes with holding a Recreational Pilot’s Certificate (RPC) and hire one of our reliable and professionally maintained Sling 2 LSAs or Foxbat A22LSs.