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Flight Training & Recreational Pilot Licence

Fly high with our bespoke range of aviation courses in Sydney. From the Recreational Pilot’s Certificate (RPC), Cross Country Endorsement and RPC Theory course to the Aeronautical Knowledge course, we are proud to uphold our reputation as one of the finest pilot training schools in Sydney.

All of our pilot courses in Sydney are conducted by highly experienced, dedicated instructors. Their mission is to give you the skills, training and foundational knowledge required, to fulfil your piloting goals!

Find the right flight path for you, with our bespoke range of private and recreational pilot courses in Sydney:

Recreational Pilot's Certificate (RPC) with Cross Country Endorsement

Acquire the necessary skills to fly and navigate an airplane around Australia, by enrolling in our Recreational Pilot Certificate with Cross Country Endorsement, aviation course in Sydney.

Recreational Pilot's Certificate (RPC)

Acquire the necessary skills to fly and navigate an airplane by enrolling in our Recreational Pilot Certificate, aviation course in Sydney. Whether you wish to fly for fun, take up a new hobby or desire a future career in aviation, enrol in the Recreational Pilot Certificate at our specialised Bankstown flying school. Choose from our state of the art Foxbat A22LS or Sling 2 LSA

Cross Country Endorsement

Advance your flying skills, learning to safely and effectively navigate our Sling 2 LSA on cross country flights with our Cross Country Endorsement aviation course in Sydney.

General Aviation License to Recreational Pilot's Certificate Conversion (GA to RA)

If you already hold a RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL licence, our General Aviation Licence to Recreational Pilot’s Certificate (GA to RAAus) is the simple conversion course for you to fly a Light Sport Aircraft.

Recreational Pilot's Certificate (RPC) Theory

Gain the knowledge required to hold a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) with our Recreational Pilot’s Certificate Theory aviation course in Sydney.

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Course (BAK)

Gain vital theoretical knowledge about your aircraft and its systems with our Basic Aeronautical Knowledge pilot training course in Sydney.

Rotax 912 Familiarsation Course

A short, yet valuable online aviation course for LSA operators or owners, our Sydney flying school offers the Rotax 912 Familiarisation Course. Learn about the Rotax engine line and gain valuable insight into engine repair and maintainance.

Private Pilots Licence (PPL)